About the Studio

Classes Offered

Shalimar gives a free trial class to all those wanting to find out what belly dancing is all about and gives mornings and evening classes during the week, and also has classes on a Saturday. She takes in beginners constantly, giving them special attention so they can catch up to the rest of the class, or private classes if the need arises.

New classes for Bellydance fitness, and over 40’s starting in 2013!

Professional Shows

Shalimar’s dancers are of the highest quality and put on an awesome show.
These belly dancers will entertain your guests and literally get your party started!

“My professional dancers entertain at kitchen teas and bachelorette parties which last for an hour. We dress the bride to be as a belly dancer and after teaching her some moves, go on to teaching all her friends. We loan coin belts to the guests so they can all get into the fun of the party”.

“We also do the same at little girls birthday parties. At adult birthday parties, where there are men and women, we do a shorter version of 20 minutes. Corporate functions and conferences can be a straight extravaganza with as many as 6 belly dancers entertaining the audience. These may include a short interaction with the guests teaching them some moves. I personally handle team building, lecture demonstrations and ladies clubs including all teaching situations”.


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