dance of the seven veils workshop




ON SUNDAY 28 th JANUARY 2018-01-01


Be ready to entertain your partner on VALENTINES DAY with this sensual, exciting veil dance. A never to be forgotten experience. Book now to avoid disappointment. R300 per person.



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belly dance party

Shalimar’s belly dance party

3 rd November 2017

Blairgowrie community centre randburg

From 7 p.m to 11 p.m

Tickets R60 per person all welcome.

Enjoy shalimars wonderful pupils aged from 3 to 70 years as they strut their stuff in both belly fusion and tribal fusion dance. Marvel at the skill of the professionals and guest dancers and shimmy into the after party . bring your picnic basket with your drinks and snacks . there is nothing for sale at the hall.

I am starting new beginners classes now on a Monday afternoon at 2.30 and Wednesday evening at 7 p.m in my randburg studio. Spring offer bring 2 friends who join and get 1 month free . fee R250.00 per month for 1 class a week .

Join my chisong stretch tone and meditate classes mornings and evenings in my randburg studio .with a song in your heart and fluid,smooth movements in your joints ,bring peace, health and joy into your life all welcome, all ages.

Whats app or message me 0722739320 and book your place shalimar

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Subject: Silly sausage

For all you know she tells all the grandkids that very same thing to make them feel better. For all those saying you’re a shoo-in for the inheritance I think they’re forgetting something. Your parents are first in line for the inheritance. I don’t have any grandparents or parents anymore and I inherited nothing not because of any social standing but because by the time they died they had nothing left. Medical bills and old folks homes suck it all up.

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Sent: Wednesday, August 16, 2017 7:45 PM
Subject: The dragon draws closer.

Another shocking performance this season. Never seen an Arsenal side play so badly so consistantly. I can count all our solid performances on 1 hand this season. And sadly most of those were against some real toss sides (Like Gala x2).

I’m losing faith in Wenger to get good team performances out of his players. He might make them better players, but getting the level of performance out of them week in week out that is required in the Premier League seems beyond him now. It’s been getting worse as the seasons tick by and if we fail to get a top 4 place I dread to think what the WOB will throw at the bloke.

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You’re saying anyone who wants to fight for men’s rights is a joke? Because they are the only ones doing it. The MRA movement attracts people with victim complexes because they feel like it’s the only place they can express their ability to be a victim of anything anymore. MRA exists because nobody else fights for rights of men, modern feminism perpetuates the idea that men have no reason to fight for rights and makes people believe that anyone who does I a joke.

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